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About the film

"Woke up one morning. Age was on my mind."
Amy Gorman

Amy Gorman invited Frances Kandl to journey with her throughout the San Francisco Bay Area searching for female role models--very old women, still active artists, living with zest. While Amy chronicles their oral histories, Frances is inspired to compose songs for several of these women, many well past 90, culminating in concerts celebrating lives liberated by age.

Do these elders energize themselves through their art, craft and musicianship? Whatever their degree of talent, they all embrace a daily routine in which their special art form is an essential part. Each woman is spirited and resilient--interpreting for herself a life worth living to the end. Through their encounters, Amy and Frances unveil the possibility of aging richly, not in spite of becoming very old, but because of it.

Still kicking honors the gift of age, and poignantly illustrates that growing old can be a time of creative expression and satisfaction. Challenging the perceptions and attitudes towards being old, still kicking is certain to trigger dialogue and ignite the imagination of us all.


The main characters include:

Amy Gorman
Project Director
Project Arts & Longevity

Frances Kandl
Musical Director
Project Arts & Longevity

Women of Project Arts and Longevity

Frances Catlett, 1908-, painter
Elsie Ogata, 1912-, ikebana artist
Ann Davlin, 1910-, dancer, teacher
Grace Gildersleeve, 1911-, rug weaver
Madeline Mason, 1902-, doll maker
Lily Hearst, 1897-2005, pianist

The Crones' Kwartet

Debra Golata, soprano
Cathy Allen, cello
Rachel Durling, violin
Frances Kandl, piano and composer

Dr. Laura Carstensen
Life-span Development Laboratory
Stanford University