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What screeners have said about Do you know yellowlegs is a storytelling museum?

"It's a great character study."

Timothy Phelan
Festival Director,
Berkeley Art Center
Berkeley, CA

"You did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of an unusually delicious human being."

Diane Flanders
Portland, OR

"Congratulations!! It is a very rock steady production. You have captured with a light touch Mom, her circumstances and the conundrum that she and they provide for those of us who love her."

Ed Washington
Calgary, Canada

"Orunamamu has encouraged me to look at my own life. In one sense, it makes me grateful for all that I have been able to do. In another it tempts me to take more creative chances by living truer to myself, rather than follow what our society typically expects from a woman and a mother."

Michelle Frey-Schutters
Berkeley, CA

"The Washingtons don't act as though you aren't there, they act as though you BELONG there, just as they do. Your editing moves things along beautifully, and you don't try to hammer us with any kind of agenda other than what is happening in front of the camera. Really well done."

Philip Perkins
Sound Editor
Albany, CA