On the trail with Miss Snail Pail
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Writer Chuck Jaffee of TheUnion.com gives On the trail a nice review in leading up to the Wild & Scenic festival >
The 9th Annual Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival
has chosen On the trail as an official selection to be screened in Nevada City, California, January 14-16, 2011
Denver Post review gives On the trail a mention >
Colleen (Miss Snail Pail)
is the featured member for Sept-Oct 2009 of ASCI (Art and Science Collaborations, Inc) >
4th Annual Colorado Environmental Film Festival
will screen On the trail November 5-7, 2009 in Golden, Colorado >
Modesto Reel Food Film Festival accepted On the trail along with eight other films to screen at their festival September 28, 2009>
The Tucson Slow Food & Film Festival
has accepted On the trail as one of nine films to screen at their 4th annual festival January 10 >
Miss Snail Pail's website presents a wealth of escargot (snail) recipes and many hints on safe collection, purging, and preparation. >

Jody Hughes graciously provided much of the musical sound track for On the trail >

Official Festival Selections:

The 9th Annual Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival, Nevada City, CA
Colorado Environmental Film Festival
, Golden, CO
2009 Modesto Reel Food Film Festival
, Modesto, CA

The Tucson Slow Food & Film Festival
, Tucson, AZ


Colleen Flanigan, aka Miss Snail Pail, has developed a career path that allows her to combine her artistic talents, stroll beautiful gardens, and put food on the table. Colleen is a snail abatement specialist and is passionate about our planet’s future. Come along as she gathers, grinds, cooks, and creates, and in the process gain respect for the small gastropod and the woman who puts them in her pail.

A short documentary film by Greg Young
Running time: 12:00 min.

Director's Statement:

On the trail with Miss Snail Pail is my third documentary. Having just completed Still Kicking, a film about senior women aging artfully, I was ready for a short project with more creative latitude. I noticed an article in the local paper about a young women whom homeowners could hire to eradicate snails from their yards. Miss Snail Pail would then come up with recipes for her harvest and cook them up.

Just what I was looking for. After numerous wrong turns in my verite style shooting approach, I finally found my focus eight months into the project: Colleen is gently encouraging all she meets as Miss Snail Pail to rethink their consumer approach by considering alternative, more sustainable lifestyles, even one that includes the common garden snail.



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